Privacy Policy

Big Building d.o.o.  in order to be in full conformity with the EU Provision of European Parliament and Council dated 27 April 2016 on protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and on free exchange of these data, GDPR in short, brings and publishes these privacy rules.
Big Building  d.o.o. recognizes the importance of privacy protection, safety and data protection for the users of our services and for all people who come in contact with us; our aim is, therefore, to enable protection for all our proceedings and to implement applicable rule books and procedures.
This statement on Privacy Policy informs you about our protection procedures and the options to choose how to gather and use your data.
This statement on Privacy Policy relates to all the web pages of Big Building d.o.o., domains, services, applications and products, as well as to all the employees.
In our business we obey all the obligations defined by GDPR. It is recommendable for you to read carefully these rules in order to understand our processing of your personal data.

Purpose of gathering personal data

The purpose of gathering personal data refers to: processing of your questions, communication with you, employment application, making contracts and similar.
Big Building d.o.o. gathers and processes your personal data needed for efficient business, usage of our products/services in order to offer you a pleasant user experience.
Some of these data are given us directly by you, for example, the data on correspondence via phone, e-mail or in some other way, by filling in the contact form of a Mediation Contract When Buying and Selling the Real-Estates, by filling in the form for the application to arrange visit of the real – estates and similar.

Which personal data are gathered

Personal data given to us by you may include the items such as your name and surname, address, e-mail address, phone number, company name, working position or similar.
The duration of Privacy Policy and obeying the safety request.
In the moment of sending your data, you give us permission to contact you and to process your personal data according to the stated purpose.
The protection of privacy of your data is permanent, except in extraordinary cases foreseen by GDPR provision.
When gathering data we respect your right to “decrease the data quantity”, meaning we gather only those personal data necessary for the purpose they have been gathered for. Your personal data are gathered and processed according to the provisions of GDPR.

Gathered data will be kept in an adequate way and the safety of data will be preserved

Gathered data won’t be distributed to the third parties without your permission. Big Building d.o.o. isn’t liable for an accidental error or an error due to vis major or other objective circumstances causing the accidental violation of guaranteed protection of your data, but the company is obliged to remove the error as soon as possible.
When processing some special categories of personal data which help us improve our products and offer our services, they are gathered due to legitimate interests and as a legal base for such processing. It also includes automatic gathering and the usage of personal data such as technical information (for example, the device you use, operational system, type of search, Big Building d.o.o. information on your session).

How your personal data are used

Your personal data may be used:
– for business and the implementation of the contract concluded between you and us;
– for meeting your requests;
– for offering information on products and services you asked for;
– for making contact in order to send certain information on our products/services
When your personal data are gathered, you may express your wish for not using your personal data for marketing.
We share information with the third parties when we are obliged to disclose or share your personal data due to the legal obligation, as a response to a legal procedure or for the protection of rights, property or safety of Big Building d.o.o., our clients or other parties. In these cases Big Building d.o.o. will disclose the needed data. The processing manager will make sure this request to be legally defined.

How to store personal data

Personal data are stored according to the purpose they’ve been gathered for, and they aren’t kept longer than necessary.
Your personal data may be kept if needed for the previously stated activities.
If you want to ask of us not to use your personal data, feel free to contact us on info@mediterrano-agency.

Obeying the principle of safety when processing the personal data

The safety of all personal data is very important for us and for that purpose during the whole operating procedure we stick to the Rulebook on Protection of Personal Data, which is completely in conformity with valid rules.
We use all the needed procedures and advanced safety features for prevention of unauthorized approach and theft.
None of the transfer procedures via Internet or other ways of electronic storage of documents is 100% safe; therefore we can’t guarantee absolute safety.
If you use application data, for example a password which enables you the access to certain products/services for certain parts of our products/services, you have to take care of your password.
Our web sites may contain links to the web pages of the third parties. If you follow the link to any of those pages, you have to know these web pages have their own safety and privacy rules; we accept neither liability nor responsibility for those rules. We advise you to read the privacy rules carefully of every web page you visit.

Rights of the persons questioned

Your rights regarding the usage of your personal data are:
– Right to personal data access we keep about you;
– Right to correction of false personal data not relating to you;
– Right to erasure (“right to oblivion”);
– Right to objection for the use of your personal data including automatized decision-making and profiling;
– Right to objection for the processing of your personal data;
– Right to personal data transfer.
Previously stated rules will be applied when you contact us on, the authorized person is the director Marko Škugor. After receiving your e-mail, we will send you a request form which should be filled in in order to start dealing with your request. Every request will be answered within a month from the date of receipt of your written request.

Changes of privacy rules

All the changes of privacy rules will be published on our web pages.
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Whenever you access the web location, the records such as browser, a number of visits, average time spent on web location will be automatically recorded. This information is used for measuring the appeal of our web page and for improving its contents. Your data are not the subject of further processing and are not sent to the third parties. Cookies enable us, among other things, to record your search, to offer advertising based on your interests. For the control of cookies and similar technologies there are several tools at your disposal, including the controls in a browser for blocking and deleting the cookies